ArtyBox - Epoxy Resin 16oz (DISCOUNTED)

ArtyBox - Epoxy Resin 16oz (DISCOUNTED)

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ArtyBox Epoxy Resin Kit

8oz Resin + 8oz Hardener


What is discounted Epoxy Resin?

Artist Epoxy Resins come in 2 parts, Resin and Hardener. For our regular Epoxy Resin, these parts are mixed at a 1:1 equal parts ratio.

What happens with ALL epoxy resins over time is the oxidization of the hardener. The result is a yellow tinge to the product. While this has absolutely no effect on the curing and performance of the epoxy resin, it is not suitable for clear applications.

This discounted product is intended for use with colour additives!

When used with colour additives, there is no difference in the performance of our discounted Epoxy Resin!